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When you book either a personal or online appointment with Parga Sims you confirm that you have understood and agree with the following terms and conditions:

I understand that the Hypnotherapy process practiced by Parga-Sims is not a medical treatment and is not a substitute for allopathic medicine.

I understand that I should continue any present medical treatment and consult my regular medical Doctor for treatment of any new or existing illnesses.

I fully accept that no guarantee of a cure can be given for any presenting issue or any issues which may become apparent during therapy.

The Hypnosis Treatment by Rachel Parga (Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist) is a process where I am guided to use my own inner abilities for my own benefit.

I give my permission to use varying Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques on me.

I hereby give consent for you to collect and process the above information, including any sensitive personal information as defined under the General Data Protection Act (GDPR), and as required by you, the Therapist, for the pursuance of both my own and your legitimate interests. I have read, understood and I accept your Privacy Notice (see link below) in respect of the handling of my recorded data.

Fees for all online appointments must be paid upon booking, in advance, prior to the appointment(s) being confirmed.

No appointment may be cancelled within 24 hrs of the booked appointment. Any fees paid will be forfeit as we cannot replace the booking.

Any appointment that you wish to cancel with more than 24 hours notice may be moved at no charge to another mutually available time slot.

Once fees are paid there can be no refunds, unless the appointment is cancelled by us. In this case you are entitled to a refund.

These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights, which will always be respected.

Online sessions may be recorded (with your consent) for safeguarding purposes. These video files will be deleted within 4 months after the end of any course of treatment. You have the right to view these files (streamed) as part of your online treatment, in order to remind you of points raised during therapy. These files may not be downloaded or passed to any third party without written consent of all parties who appear in the video, other than where necessary as part of the GHR ethical code of conduct.