Pools of Wisdom

Are you feeling hurt from an experience that happened some time ago?

Do you blame yourself for not being able to better cope with daily struggles?

Do you wish you had a restart button to start over from the beginning?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then consider this perspective…Our bodies on average are made up of seventy percent water and so if we imagine at our innermost core, we all begin each day as still pools of water and our experiences are like stones being dropped into our peaceful calm.

Some of these stones are big, some are small and some tiny. The size of the stone represents the size of the emotional ‘hit’ we receive from the experience as it disrupts our natural state. Depending on the size of the stone or the emotional trauma the experience brings, ripples will emanate accordingly, agitating our once still calm.

The ripples are the after effects or the after shock felt from the experience and they represent the emotions we feel from the event such as fear, anxiety, insecurity, worry etc. These can be large ripples or small frequent ripples and so will be felt to a greater or lesser degree. The interesting thing is the stone or event has already happened so it is in the past. Therefore the longer we linger over the event by staying focused too long on its aftermath, the longer we are effectively stuck in the past. The more credence we give to the emotions stirred, the longer the ripples will keep moving and flowing through us. The more attention we give to the negative emotions we are feeling, the more focused we are on what we don’t want rather than on what we do want which is peace and well being.

Now the water has to re-balance itself to become still and calm again as that is our true essence and this takes time, patience, acceptance and letting go of the disruption that has been temporarily caused.

So what can we do to re-settle our emotions? Firstly, it’s important to understand that when we have experiences that affect us negatively, we need to allow ourselves to feel. It’s OK to have some time to process what’s happened long enough to understand which emotions we are feeling and why. Only then can we contemplate how we choose to respond. When we are ready, the quickest route to feeling better is to focus on gratitude. What do we already have that we can be grateful for? Look for the simple things that we so often take for granted and ponder over them with a grateful heart.

We also need to remember who we were before this disturbance happened… peaceful, calm and still. So how do we see ourselves during this unsettling time? Do we now view ourselves as flawed or worse, no longer worthy to be the beautiful calm, pools of water we once were? This is an external event, an experience happening to us not something we have caused to happen to ourselves. Therefore we have to trust and accept that this is a temporary disturbance and we must not allow it to redefine us or blame ourselves in any way. If we simply become the observer we can allow the after-effects to gradually lessen and we can regain balance and peace once again.

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