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Parga Sims: Guide to Zoom

Code of Conduct for Online Workshops and Therapies

Guidance for clients to use the video app ZOOM.


Step 1: Set up an account
Simply go to sign-up/download It is free to do so.

Step 2: Camera and Audio
You must have the resources for both video and audio.

Step 3: Wifi
Ensure you have a good connection. If you think this will be an issue then please raise this asap with your therapist.

Step 4: Working environment
Please be mindful of your surroundings and appearance. While the aim is to mirror the relaxed and informal manner of our face to face sessions, it is important that you dress appropriately whilst online.

Step 5: Invitations
The therapist will host the session via ZOOM. This is simple for them to do as long as they have your current email address. Once you have received the information for the appointment, either; click on the link or add the meeting ID and any password when prompted. You will be held in a waiting room until the therapist is ready. They will know you are waiting. Please be patient as they may be finishing up with a previous client. Once they are ready for you, they will admit you to the room and the session can begin. They do have the ability to message you in the waiting room if need be.

Step 6: Client disclosure
One of the features on ZOOM allows us to be able to record sessions. We will ensure that you are informed at the beginning of each session that we will be recording this session, provided that we have your consent.

Note – Only the host has the ability to record.

You will also be able to send messages via a chat function to send links to files etc. We will be able to send you notes and MP3 audio files if appropriate.


Client Options

All clients being booked for a session will be offered a remote Zoom appointment during the current lockdown.

For clients who are unable to use Zoom, or do not wish to, they will be offered either Face Time, Skype or telephone appointments.

All Hypnosis scripts will be recorded by the therapist and sent to the client within 48 hours of the appointment.