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Code of Conduct for Online Workshops and Therapies

This Code of Conduct is designed to protect the rights of all users of Parga Sims services, whether staff, students, clients or visitors, to participate freely in the activities of the practise both formally and informally. Engaging or booking any Parga Sims service confirms that you are willing to comply with the practise’s rules, regulations and procedures. All clients and students are expected to keep themselves familiar with those rules, regulations and procedures and with this Code.

Code of Conduct

  • One-to-one online learning or sessions involving under 18s or vulnerable adults must be agreed upon with parents/carers prior to taking place. Such activities must then take place only on the days/times agreed with parents/carers. They or other responsible named adult should be present in the house at the time.
  • The session must be recorded and backed up onto an approved safe, secure workspace to provide a record and to protect both the therapist and client.
  • Both Therapist and the client must wear suitable clothing, as should anyone else who might be visible on screen in both the therapist’s and the client’s households.
  • Online therapy sessions and workshops should be conducted in a suitable, quiet area, and webcams should ideally be sited against a neutral background or, where possible, a virtual/blur background should be used. If no such area or background is available, only audio should be used.
  • Language must be professional and courteous at all times, including that used by any family members in the background.
  • Content/subject matter covered should be relevant to therapy, teaching and learning, and neither the therapist nor client should make comments of a personal nature unless relevant to therapy.
  • Staff, Lecturers and Clients should be mindful of any personal information that may be on their computer desktop. Before sharing their screen on a video call, computer desktops should be cleared of any materials that will not be used.
  • Staff, Lecturers and Clients are expected to respect and observe the rules and regulations and terms and conditions of Parga Sims at all times while engaged in online activities.
  • If a Client’s behaviour is deemed to be in breach of this Code of Conduct, they will be removed from the session or the Therapy will be ended, and the client will forfeit any fees paid and any future bookings may be cancelled.
  • Breaches from Staff and Therapists will be subject to investigation in accordance with the appropriate disciplinary process.