Are You Resisting or Accepting Lockdown Life?

What was your life like pre-lockdown? Were you a social butterfly or a home bird? Did you avoid spending time alone with yourself? Did you rely on support from others? Did you enjoy your job and feel a sense of worth from it?

Your answers will have a bearing on how well you are adapting to lockdown life. Of course, they will be different for everyone, and one thing is certain, we are all trying to make sense of the situation we are currently experiencing. Many of us are worried about finances, health, education, job security and more. We are living in uncertain times, yet we are wired to crave certainty and security. So as Charles Darwin’s quote says, how can we adapt to the huge changes we are now facing?

I want to talk to you about the power of acceptance. Accepting things as they are enables us to feel happier and move forward with solutions. The opposite to acceptance is resistance and what we resist persists. When we resist something, it is the equivalent of placing a blockade in the middle of a road we regularly travel on thus thwarting our moving forward. Acceptance is removing the obstacle, so we can travel freely and safely, not just for ourselves but for others too. The key to acceptance is understanding ourselves on an emotional level. We are grieving the loss of a way of life we once knew and loved. Going out freely, socialising with family and friends and going to work for many has now stopped and emotionally we are grieving this loss. If we can learn to accept and let go, rather than holding onto what we once had, we will experience a freer flow of emotions leading to a happier state of wellbeing. There are different stages to grief and everyone’s experience is different, however acceptance is the turning point needed for healing.

Firstly, we need to acknowledge what is happening and understand that we cannot go back, no matter how hard we try. The world is constantly changing as we also are, and change isn’t always a bad thing. If we can develop an open-mindedness and curiosity towards change, we can adapt and be happier in the process. Being open to new ways of living will move us out of fear-based thinking which can trigger negative habits and behaviours.

Here are some tips for moving forward towards acceptance:

· Try focusing on what you can do rather than what you can’t do and write a list of fun ways you can stay connected with friends and family.

· Are there any online ways you can explore for you to earn money? Do you have any contacts who could help you with this?

· Are there any online ways you can explore for you to earn money? Do you have any contacts who could help you with this?

· Are there any interests you could pursue now you have the time? Think of all those occasions when you said you really wanted to learn to play the guitar or speak another language but due to other commitments you simply didn’t have time!

· Now is a good time to focus on self-care and wellbeing. Think about what you can do to feed your mind and emotions positively.

· Develop a daily gratitude list. Every day search for things you are grateful for and write them down.

· Join an online support group. Everyone has something to give and you may well make someone’s day with a comment or shared experience.

The language we use whether we’re thinking or speaking has the power to hurt or the power to heal. Try saying these affirmations out loud a few times each day or write your own.

· I willingly accept the things which are beyond my power to control.

· I willingly let go of any resistance or control over my current situation.

· I accept everyone is dealing with similar and we are in this together.

· I accept and appreciate the reality I am experiencing.

I hope you find these tips useful and if you have any of your own we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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Remember, you are stronger than you think. Everything you need is inside of you already.

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